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What would you do without Amazon? We’re sitting here trying to think of the best possible Halloween costume, (last second, of course), and browsing around the only site you can buy costumes and have them delivered in time for Halloween, which happens to be next Thursday (October 27).

Well if you’re like me, you need your costume in 2-days before the weekend and thankfully here they are.. the best costumes we found on!

1.)  Wonder Woman

You can bet that the box office sensation will inspire heroines ready for Halloween all over the world. Dressed in Wonder Woman’s unique hairstyle, along with the bracelets and boots, you’ll be ready to fight to the top of the best costume list at any party.

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2.) Baywatch Cast

It’s more like babewatch, yeah? The successful television series of the late 80’s and 90’s received a rewind this year, with the likes of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Zac Efron. It was a flop, but hey, it was a worth a shot!

This Halloween, give new meaning to the return by rocking a “Baywatch” beach uniforms. You may want to check the weather, however – depending on where you live, your outfit might scream Malibu beach, but the cold October weather may tell you otherwise.

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3.) Pennywise from the movie “It.” 

Born from a 90’s revival and based on Stephen King’s horror book “It” is Pennywise the dancing clown. Personally, I know nothing more disturbing than a killer clown, and King’s character sure fits all the Halloween stuff.

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4.) “Stranger Things“ (Netflix show)

Science fiction has never been so great, thanks to the hit show “Stranger Things”. And while the kids on the show are real stars, it’s possible for adults to get involved in the fun by channeling these extravagant characters. Powerful Eleven’s dress and knee-sock look is easy to do. But whatev you do, do not forget to add a blonde wig to finish the look.

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